Codes for Initial Conditions with Massive Neutrinos

The following codes can be used to set up accurate initial conditions for cosmological simulations with massive neutrinos.

Initial conditions generator (for neutrino particles only):

  • FastDF: This code can be used to generate 1%-accurate particle realisations of the neutrino phase-space distribution function in linear theory. Available here.

Initial conditions generator (for dark matter, baryons, and neutrinos):

  • monofonIC: Higher-order initial conditions generator. Check out my fork of monofonIC with support for neutrino corrections to higher-order initial conditions and the option to generate neutrino particles through FastDF. The main version of mononIC can be found on Oliver Hahn’s bitbucket here.


Other codes

The following codes were either used or referenced in one of our recent initial conditions papers.

Rescaling power spectra:

  • Zwindstroom: For the purpose of back-scaling the linear transfer functions needed for initial conditions, I developed the zwindstroom package. The monofonIC fork above has a zwindstroom plugin and includes this package as a submodule.
  • REPS: Zwindstroom is based on the earlier REPS code by Matteo Zennaro et al.

Linear Boltzmann solvers:

  • CLASS: The Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System by Julien Lesgourgues, Thomas Tram, Nils Schoeneberg and others has an official website and repository found here.
  • CAMB: Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background by Antony Lewis and Anthony Challinor can be found here.

Cosmological hydrodynamics codes

  • SWIFT: The SWIFT (SPH With Inter-dependent Fine-grained Tasking) code has a website and the repository can be found here.