Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics
South Road
Durham DH1 3LE
United Kingdom


2023 – present Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Institute for Computation Cosmology, Durham University
2019 – 2023 Durham University: PhD in Physics
2017 – 2018 University of Cambridge: MASt Mathematics / Part III Mathematics (merit)
2012 – 2017 University of Groningen: BSc Physics (cum laude), BSc Mathematics (cum laude), BSc Astronomy, BSc Economics & Business Economics, Honours College


2023 Keith Nicholas Prize, Durham University
2022 Co-I DiRAC application, awarded 22M CPU hours for Lyman-alpha forest simulations
2020 Co-I DiRAC application, awarded 18M CPU hours for neutrino simulations
2019 Durham Prize Scholarship in Astroparticle Physics
2018 E. M. Burnett Prize, Hughes Hall, Cambridge


2023 – 2024 First Year Physics tutorials
2020 – 2021 Mathematical Methods in Physics (2nd year undergraduate course), demonstrating
2019 – 2020 High Performance Computing (graduate course), demonstrating
2012 – 2018 Various mathematical courses, tutoring

Seminars and conference talks

2024 XXXI Neutrino Conference, Milan (First neutrino results from the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument)
2024 Neutrinos from Home, online conference (Reconstruction of the Cosmic Neutrino Background)
2024 Research seminar, UCL, London (Precision neutrino cosmology)
2023 Research seminar, AIP, Potsdam (Reconstructing the cosmic neutrino background)
2023 Cole@60 workshop, Durham (Connecting large-scale structure and galaxy formation)
2023 Research seminar, IPMU, Tokyo (Coupling between cosmology and baryonic feedback)
2023 Invited Talk, 2nd Shanghai Assembly on Cosmology & Structure Formation
2023 Research seminar, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (Coupling between cosmology and baryonic feedback)
2023 Research seminar, Oslo University (Neutrinos from horizon to sub-galactic scales)
2022 SWIFT meeting, Leiden (Neutrino simulations for precision cosmology)
2022 Roman Juszkiewicz Symposium, Warsaw (Topology of reionization)
2022 Virgo Meeting, Munich (Large-scale structure and the neutrino background)
2022 DEX XVIII workshop (Synergies in the neutrino sector)
2021 SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry (Topology of reionization)
2021 Virgo Meeting (The delta-f method)
2020 Research seminar, Sussex University (Neutrino cosmology)

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